As WordPress enters it’s 14th year of life, you might wonder whether WordPress will remain relevant. With the pace of technological advancement, it is rare to see a software platform make it to it’s teen years. Alternatives have come along in recent years such as Squarespace and Shopify to compete with WordPress. So why is WordPress still relevant 14 years later?

WordPress is Easy to Use

WordPress is Easy to Manage


WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) which means that it is designed to be updated easily. Once you have a site up and running, you won’t need to run your developer every time you want to add new content or make a small change. If you are comfortable using Microsoft Word, you will be comfortable adding content to your site. This makes WordPress a good choice for many applications.

WordPress is Open Source

Open Source

WordPress is open source software, which means it is free to use and modify. As a result thousands of people use the platform and have extended it to suit their purposes. WordPress started as a blogging platform but now it is so much more. You can build a portfolio, a membership site, provide online courses and even build a full fledge ecommerce store. There is a huge community of people continually improving WordPress, for the benefit of all.


WordPress is the Most Popular CMS

WordPress Market Share in 2017


WordPress has the largest market share of any CMS and is continuing to grow. As of this writing, 28.3% of all websites are built with WordPress. No other CMS comes close.This means there are more people investing time and energy into improving WordPress, creating tutorials, answering questions on forums, and other activities that you can benefit from.

WordPress Market Share by Year


What you build with WordPress, you own

You Own It!


When you create a WordPress site, it is much like owning a house, where paying a third party a monthly fee is much like renting an apartment. Both can be appropriate in some situations, but I find for the most people, owning a WordPress site is the way to go.

So, is WordPress still relevant?

Absolutely. Like a fine wine, WordPress has only gotten better with age. All trends indicate that WordPress will continue to expand it reach, as more and more people adopt and use it, and it depth, as people continue to add to what WordPress can do. For many people, WordPress is a good choice for achieving your online goals.

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