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I do a lot of my freelance work through Upwork. Follow the link to view my Upwork profile.

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What Others Are Saying

I cannot imagine doing any other work on other websites without Ben. He is WONDERFUL. He’s very attentive to every detail, very quick to respond, and doesn’t mind working at all hours to get the job done.

We started with my ideas/vision for a brand new site built from the ground up and walked me through how it could all come together. It’s also helpful to talk with someone who understands the cultural nuances of how to communicate. If I say “you know it’s kinda like XYZ” it helps to have someone who understands the X and the Y and the Z. I have had other e-lancers who did good work but I had to put extra effort into explaining what I meant or what I wanted and Ben made it simple.

I can’t imagine doing another project without Ben on my team. I have 3 more websites in the works and Ben will do all the work unless he fires me!

Nick Walters

President, Easy Grants

Ben is a pro all the way! Awesome communication, patient and flexible while working through requirements, the outcomes are better than expected. We struggled to make these fixes for months on our own, and Ben wrapped all of them up in a matter of days. Looking forward to working with him again! 🙂

Carey Beam

Owner, Sahalee Off Grid

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